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The OSU Office of University Outreach and Engagement, via an "Engagement Impact Grant" to:

Prof. Kevin M. Passino, College of Engineering

Prof. John D. Clapp, College of Social Work

(which supported Hugo Gonzalez, College of Engineering, to work with Sally Dunlap, College of Social Work)


Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs Endowment (BETHA) grant, Kevin M. Passino, Betty Lise Anderson, John D. Clapp, Leslie Moore, Melissa Wilson, “Engineering, Technology, Human Affairs, and Social Justice: From Columbus to Colombia”, 2014-2016.


Sponsored by Mathworks, via a donation of SimEvents software, that was used to study logistics for a local food pantry (see "Technology Services" tab).


Project Initiation

Tech4Community (formerly known as Community Technology Clinic) started in Autumn 2013 by Molly Moran (ECOS/FABE graduate student) and Prof. Kevin M. Passino.

The idea for this project was first presented in a talk in 2008 by Dr. Passino, then later published in:  Kevin M. Passino, "Educating the Humanitarian Engineer," Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 15, pp. 577-600, Dec. 2009. [pdf]

For more information on humanitarian technologies for people who are homeless, see:

Kevin M. Passino, Humanitarian Engineering: Advancing Technology for Sustainable Development, Bede Pub., 3rd Ed., Columbus, OH, 2016 (free download).

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