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Worthington Food Pantry

Needs Assessment:

Pantry IT Needs:

  • Inventory hardware/software of existing computers

  • Establish a computer standard

  • Develop backup methodology

  • Establish data security standards

  • Other possible issues for the future: Assess/address database design, website design, web-based services, flow/logistics analysis, web-based giving

**Click here for some slides overviewing their group, client population, and IT needs.


Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering student project: Logistics study to determine strategies to improve flow through the pantry. Gathered data on timing of all events, modeled lines and pantry layout in Matlab SimEvents (software donated by Mathworks Corp. for this project), did simulations (including Monte Carlo runs) to assess value of change of strategies for moving people through the pantry services, and made recommendations for changes.  For a project report, click here.

Past relevant work by OSU ECOS: ECOS installed computer labs with 4-5 computers, hardware and software, at two international sites, click here and here.  Also, see the ECOS web site for their Eastminster senior citizen computer education project.

Catholic Social Services 

Needs Assessment:

Pantry Client Needs:

  • Individual mentoring in Spanish/English on basic computer skills

  • Help teach about web browsers and Microsoft Word

  • Helping with online job searches and resume writing (in MS Word)

  • Help with email, social media (e.g., Facebook), Google Docs accounts (for storage), skype, other Microsoft Office products

Pantry Administration Needs:

  • Facebook and webpage development

  • Development of volunteer registration and tracking software for "Service Saturday" event (see below)


ECOS students programmed an Excel database for automating "Service Saturday" (tracking tools, supplies, and people for each location worked at); see their website for more information.  Database was used for Service Saturday in 2014.